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What we do


Our symbol, the bicycle, is a transcendental icon
product of humans' imagination,
powered by blood, bones and meat.
In other words:

by people's energy.

It is the perfect vehicle to travel the roads
towards a better understanding
of everyone's dreams and needs.

Pedaling on it is our life.

We are certain that we can only achieve the balance of knowledge
and performance if we keep on moving.

Always learning, always improving.

Clients and experiences

Brands that pedal with us


Leadership DLB Group Venezuela
Larry Hernández

Current CEO of DLB Group Worldwide. Worked as president of the National
Association of Advertisement (ANDA) and more than 13 years at Telefonica.
Engaged with the success of his team and clients.
Passionate about learning and life changing.

"We are here to make transcendent things".
Okarina Castaño

Current CCO and partner of DLB Group Venezuela.
Worked more than 15 years at Leo Burnett,
winning numerous awards and producing several
successful campaigns in LATAM countries.

"Do what makes your heart speed up, eyes shine, and hurt your stomach".
Leadership DLB Group Mexico
Alfonzo Espinosa

10 years in finance and 10 years in marketing.
Creative and entrepreneur spirit willing to face big challenges.
Develop and manage important BTL campaigns and events in Venezuela and Mexico.
Currently CEO of DLB Group Mexico.

"You'll be surprised with the results you get when you love what you do".
Leadership DLB Group Costa Rica
Gustavo Sánchez

15 years of experience. Passionate about the creative process. Focused
on generating results and making the most out of resources.
Has coordinated successful strategies in Latin America, Europe
and Asia. Currently CEO of DLB Group Costa Rica.

"Without risks, everything will be easier, but less fun".
José Duarte

An entrepreneur by vocation. His strengths are negotiations and commercial strategy. He has successfully internationalized several companies, taking them from Latin America to Europe and Asia. Currently Commercial Director & Partner of DLB Group Costa Rica.

"That feeling when an idea connects, it is only compared to the satisfaction of confirming that the idea gave results".

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Oficentro Colinas building, 2nd floor.
Principal avenue Colinas de Bello Monte.
Urbanization Colinas de Bello Monte.
Caracas - Venezuela


+58212 4001800
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Euler 152, Int 407
Col Polanco,
DF. 11570


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Escazú, San José 1250.
San José de Costa Rica.


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